Volume 98 (2020)

Questo volume è dedicato a Pietro Greco, indimenticabile uomo, studioso e amico.

This volume is dedicated to Pietro Greco, an unforgettable man, scholar and friend.

Research News from ISItA members

Reshaping the flagship initiatives of the Italian Institute of Anthropology in the new pandemic world

Giovanni Destro Bisol

1-3 [full text]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98023


Sex differences in bonobo (Pan paniscus) terrestriality: implications for human evolution

Frances J. White, Colin M. Brand, Alexana J. Hickmott & India R. Minton

5-14 [full text] [supplementary material]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98019

DNA barcoding of primates and the selection of molecular markers using African Great Apes as a model

Amy S. Jackson & Vincent Nijman

15-26 [full text] [supplementary material]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98017

A snapshot on some everyday actions of a Middle Pleistocene hominin: the Trackway B at the Devil’s Trails palaeontological site (Tora e Piccilli, Caserta, Central Italy)

Adolfo Panarello

27-47 [full text]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98013

Frontal bone virtual reconstruction and geometric morphometric analysis of the mid-Pleistocene hominin KNM-OG 45500 (Olorgesailie, Kenya)

Tommaso Mori, Antonio Profico, Hugo Reyes-Centeno & Katerina Harvati

49-72 [full text] [supplementary material]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98022

The partial skeleton StW 431 from Sterkfontein – Is it time to rethink the Plio-Pleistocene hominin diversity in South Africa?

Gabriele A. Macho, Cinzia Fornai , Christine Tardieu, Philip Hopley, Martin Haeusler & Michel Toussaint

73-88 [full text]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98020

The skull from Florisbad: a paleoneurological report

Emiliano Bruner & Marlize Lombard

89-97 [full text]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98014

Breaking through the Aquitaine frame: A re-evaluation on the significance of regional variants during the Aurignacian as seen from a key record in southern Europe

Armando Falcucci, Nicholas J. Conard & Marco Peresani

99-140 [full text] [supplementary material]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98021

Fertility and infant survival in men and women from rural regions of Northern Tanzania: gene candidates and sex-specific genetic associations

Marina Butovskaya, Valentina Burkova, Vasiliy Vasilyev, Evgeniya Sukhodolskaya, Daniya Yurgenson, Dmitriy Shibalev, Dmitriy Karelin, Daria Dronova, Audax Mabulla & Oleg Lazebny

141-160 [full text] [supplementary material]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98018

Correspondence & Notes

Another interpretation of Homo antecessor

Francesc Ribot Trafí, Mario García Bartual, Eulalia Gracía-Nos, Alfredo José Altamirano Enciso, Alexander J. Nevgloski & Qian Wang

161-170 [full text]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98016

A reply to Ribot Trafí et al.

José María Bermúdez de Castro & María Martinón-Torres

171-179 [full text]

doi 10.4436/JASS.98015