Volume 97 (2019)

Cover Story

Grasping the genetic determinants of human adaptations: the “Kings of the Mountains” (Sherpa) case study

Marco Sazzini

doi 10.4436/JASS.97011


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Invited Reviews

Lithics of the North African Middle Stone Age: assumptions, evidence and future directions

Eleanor M. L. Scerri & Enza E. Spinapolice

doi 10.4436/JASS.97002


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Mosaic evolution in hominin phylogeny: meanings, implications, and explanations

Andrea Parravicini & Telmo Pievani

doi 10.4436/JASS.97001


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The Herculaneum victims of the 79 AD Vesuvius eruption: a review

Pierpaolo Petrone

doi 10.4436/JASS.97008


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Race in a genome: long read sequencing, ethnicity-specific reference genomes and the shifting horizon of race

Emma Kowal & Bastien Llamas

doi 10.4436/JASS.97004


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Do it yourself

Workflows in a Virtual Morphology Lab: 3D scanning, measuring, and printing

Markus Bastir, Daniel García-Martínez, Nicole Torres-Tamayo, Carlos A. Palancar, Francisco Javier Fernández-Pérez, Alberto Riesco-López, Pedro Osborne-Márquez, María Ávila & Pilar López-Gallo

doi 10.4436/JASS.97003


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Historical Corner

The circle of Gánovce: natural history of an endocast

Emiliano Bruner, Fabio Di Vincenzo & Giorgio Manzi

doi 10.4436/JASS.97010


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The Neanderthal endocast from Gánovce (Poprad,Slovak Republic)

Stanislava Eisová, Petr Velemínský & Emiliano Bruner

doi 10.4436/JASS.97005


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Morphological variability of Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic skulls from Sicily

Manon Galland, Giuseppe D’Amore, Martin Friess, Roberto Miccichè, Ron Pinhasi, Vitale Stefano Sparacello & Luca Sineo

doi 10.4436/JASS.97009


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Race and perception of human diversity: Five European case studies

Katarzyna A. Kaszycka & Jan Strzałko

doi 10.4436/JASS.97006


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Gut microbiota composition in Himalayan and Andean populations and its relationship with diet, lifestyle and adaptation to the high-altitude environment

Andrea Quagliariello, Monica Di Paola, Sara De Fanti, Guido Alberto Gnecchi- Ruscone, Lucia Martinez-Priego, David Pérez-Villaroya, Mingma G. Sherpa, Phurba T. Sherpa, Giorgio Marinelli, Luca Natali, Marco Di Marcello, Davide Peluzzi, Patrizia Di Cosimo, Giuseppe D’Auria, Davide Pettener, Marco Sazzini, Donata Luiselli & Carlotta De Filippo

doi 10.4436/JASS.97007


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Correspondence & Notes

What does Homo antecessor tell us about the origin of the “emergent humanity” that gave rise to Homo sapiens?

José María Bermúdez de Castro & María Martinón-Torres

doi 10.4436/JASS.97012


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