Volume 89 (2011)

Cover Story

Human corpses as time capsules: new perspectives in the study of past mass disasters

Pier Paolo Petrone

3-6 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89008


A look back as we move forward

Giovanni Destro-Bisol & Robert R. Paine

7-8 [full text]

Invited Reviews

Exaptation in human evolution: how to test adaptive vs exaptive evolutionary hypotheses

Telmo Pievani & Emanuele Serrelli

9-23 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89015

African human mtDNA phylogeography at-a-glance

Alexandra Rosa & António Brehm

25-58 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89006

Historical Corner

Giuseppe Sergi, "champion" of Darwinism?

Alessandro Volpone

59-69 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89001

Forensic Anthropology in Europe: an assessment of current status and application

Elena F. Kranioti & Robert R. Paine

71-92 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89002

Evolutionary Trees and the rise of modern primatology: the Forgotten Contribution of St. George Mivart

Francesca Bigoni & Giulio Barsanti

93-107 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89005


Age-associated bone loss and intraskeletal variability in the Imperial Romans

Helen Cho & Sam D. Stout

109-125 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89007

Morphometric distances among five ethnic groups and evaluation of the secular trend in historical Libya

Maria Enrica Danubio, Domenico Martorella, Fabrizio Rufo, Elvira Vecchi & Emanuele Sanna

127-138 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89009

Craniofacial morphology in Austrian Early Bronze Age sex-specific migration patterns

Alessandro Pellegrini, Maria Teschler-Nicola, Fred L. Bookstein & Philipp Mitteroecker

139-151 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89013

A new method for relative Sr determination in human teeth enamel

Fernando C. Alvira, Fernando V. Ramirez Rozzi, Gustavo A. Torchia, Luis Roso & Gabriel M. Bilmes

153-160 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89012

Are ethnic minorities synonymous for genetic isolates? Comparing Walser and Romance populations in the Upper Lys Valley (Western Alps)

Alessio Boattini, Clio Griso & Davide Pettener

131-173 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89014

Network Models in Anatomical Systems

Borja Esteve-Altava, Jesús Marugán-Lobón, Héctor Botella & Diego Rasskin-Gutman

175-184 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89016

Correspondence & Notes

A note on erroneous ethnolinguistic affiliations in genetic studies of southern Africa

Jorge Rocha

185 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89010

Reply to Rocha: a note on erroneous ethnolinguistic affiliations in genetic studies of southern Africa

Peter Mitchell

187 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89011

Ethno-anthropological and genetic study of the Yaghnobis; an isolated community in Central Asia. A preliminary study

Elisabetta Cilli, Paolo Delaini, Birgit Costazza, Laura Giacomello, Antonio Panaino & Giorgio Gruppioni

189-194 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89003

Computer models and applications for the management of anthropological data

Francesco Coschino, Antonio Fornaciari & Simona Minozzi

195-199 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89004

Do it yourself

Tools which simulate the evolution of uni-parentally transmitted elements of the human genome

Sergio Tofanelli, Luca Taglioli, Davide Merlitti & Giorgio Paoli

201-219 [full text]

doi: 10.4436/jass.89017


Anthro-Digit data, an online resource for anthropological data sharing

Paolo Anagnostou & Giovanni Destro Bisol

221 [full text]