Volume 88 (2010)

Cover Story

Bantu-Khoisan interactions at the edge of the Bantu expansions: insights from southern Angola

Jorge Rocha

5-8 [full text]


The "very first time" for JASs

Giovanni Destro-Bisol

9-10 [full text]

Invited Reviews

Cognitive inferences in fossil apes (Primates, Hominoidea): does encephalization reflect intelligence?

David M. Alba

11-48 [full text]

Metaplasticity and the human becoming: principles of neuroarchaeology

Lambros Malafouris

49-72 [full text]

Genetics and southern African prehistory: an archaeological view

Peter Mitchell

73-92 [full text]

Proceeding Paper

Molecular Anthropology in the Genomic Era

Giovanni Destro-Bisol, Mark A. Jobling, Jorge Rocha, John Novembre, Martin B. Richards, Connie Mulligan, Chiara Batini & Franz Manni

93-112 [full text]


Right handed Neandertals: Vindija and beyond

David W. Frayer, Ivana Fiore, Carles Lalueza-Fox, Jakov Radovčić & Luca Bondioli

113-127 [full text]

The association between dental mineralization and mandibular form: a study combining additive conjoint measurement and geometric morphometrics

Michael Coquerelle, Priscilla Bayle, Fred L. Bookstein, José Braga,Demetrios J. Halazonetis, Stanislav Katina & Gerhard W. Weber

129-150 [full text]

Not just a pretty song: an overview of the vocal repertoire of Indri indri

Giovanna Maretti, Viviana Sorrentino, Andriamasitoly Finomana, Marco Gamba & Cristina Giacoma

151-165 [full text]

New radiocarbon dates and isotope analysis of Neolithic human and animal bone from the Fontbrégoua Cave (Salernes, Var, France)

Gwenaëlle Le Bras-Goude, Didier Binder, Aurélie Zemour & Michael P. Richards

167-178 [full text]

Two Case examples of pelvic fractures in medieval populations from central Europe

Maria Ines Hofmann, Christina Papageorgopoulou, Thomas Böni & Frank J. Rühli

179-188 [full text]

Health and disease in a Roman walled city: an example of Colonia Iulia Iader

Mario Novak & Mario Šlaus

189-206 [full text]

Correspondence & Notes

The History and Geography of the Y Chromosome SNPs in Europe: an update

Paolo Francalacci, Laura Morelli, Antonella Useli & Daria Sanna

207-212 [full text]

Key issues in the study of primate acoustic signals, an update

Marco Gamba & Cristina Giacoma

215-220 [full text]

Do it yourself

Measuring human energy expenditure and metabolic function: basic principles and methods

William R. Leonard

221-230 [full text]

JASs Forum

Interdisciplinary views on Molecular Anthropology in the Genomic Era

The prospects for tracing deep language ancestry

Quentin D. Atkinson

231-233 [full text]

Inference of demographic processes from comparisons of ancient and modern DNAs

Guido Barbujani

235-237 [full text]

Integrating anthropological genetics with cultural anthropology and archaeology: new opportunities

Mark Collard

239-242 [full text]

The Genographic Project: insights into Western/Central European variation

David Comas

243-244 [full text]

Genetics and anthropology in studies on aging and Chagas disease

Claudio Franceschi et al.

245-250 [full text]