Volume 87 (2009)

Cover Story

The life histories of fossil hominins

Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi

3-5 [full text]

Invited Reviews

Southeast Asian and Australian paleoanthropology: a review of the last century

Arthur C. Durband

7-31 [full text]

The primates of the western Palaearctic: a biogeographical, historical, and archaeozoological review

Marco Masseti & Emiliano Bruner

33-91 [full text]

The primates of the Udzungwa Mountains: diversity, ecology and conservation

Francesco Rovero, Andrew R. Marshall, Trevor Jones & Andrew Perkin

93-126 [full text]

Mesurement of brain volume estimate using MRI: software, techniques, choices and prerequisites

Simon S. Keller & Neil Roberts

127-151 [full text]


Cutmarked human remains bearing Neandertal features and modern human remains associated with the Aurignacian at Les Rois

Fernando V. Ramirez Rozzi, Francesco d’Errico, Marian Vanhaeren, Pieter M. Grootes, Bertrand Kerautret & Véronique Dujardin

153-185 [full text]

An example of cranial trepanation dating to the Middle Bronze Age from Ebla, Syria

Silvia Mogliazza

187-192 [full text]

A health assessment for Imperial Roman burials recovered from the necropolis of San Donato and Bivio CH, Urbino, Italy

Robert R. Paine, Rita Vargiu, Carla Signoretti & Alfredo Coppa

193-210 [full text]

Do it yourself

Morphology, wear and 3D digital surface models: materials and techniques to create high-resolution replicas of teeth

Luca Fiorenza, Stefano Benazzi & Ottmar Kullmer

211-218 [full text]

JASs Forum

Sharing databases in the age of the digital anthropology

Remote Anthropology: Reconciling Research Priorities with Digital Data Sharing

Alexandra Sumner & Andrew T.R. Riddle

219-221 [full text]

Museum collections, scanning, and data access

Emmanuel Gilissen

223-226 [full text]

New tools and old perspectives in the management of the fossil resources

Emiliano Bruner

227-228 [full text]