Volume 86 (2008)

Cover Story

Digital Morphology: modelling anatomy and evolution

Emiliano Bruner & Markus Bastir

3-5 [full text]

Invited Reviews

The evolution of handedness in humans and great apes: a review and current issues

Lisa Cashmore, Natalie Uomini & Amandine Chapelain

7-35 [full text]

A systems-model for the morphological analysis of integration and modularity in human craniofacial evolution

Markus Bastir

37-58 [full text]

History and geography of human Y-chromosome in Europe: a SNP perspective

Paolo Francalacci & Daria Sanna

59-89 [full text] [supplementary material]

Secular changes in human biological variables in Western Countries: an updated review and synthesis

Marica Danubio & Emanuele Sanna

91-112 [full text]

Gene polymorphisms and elite athletic performance

Maria C. Calò & G. Vona

113-131 [full text]


3COORsystem: automated data recording for archaeologists

Antoni Canals, Jesùs Rodrìguez & Rafael Sànchez

133-141 [full text]

The Late Upper Paleolithic skeleton Villabruna 1 (Italy): A source of data on biology and behavior of a 14.000 year-old hunter

Giuseppe Vercellotti, Giancarlo Alciati, Michael P. Richards & Vincenzo Formicola

143-163 [full text]

Late reproduction at lower risk in Sardinia island: a case of reproductive longevity?

Paola Astolfi, Antonio De Pasquale & Laura A. Zonta

165-177 [full text]

Italian isolates today: geographic and linguistic factors shaping human biodiversity

Giovanni Destro Bisol, Paolo Anagnostou, Chiara Batini, Cinzia Battaggia, Stefania Bertoncini, Alessio Boattini, Laura Caciagli, Carla M. Calò, Cristian Capelli, Marco Capocasa, Loredana Castrì, Graziella Ciani, Valentina Coia, Laura Corrias, Federica Crivellaro, M. Elena Ghiani, Donata Luiselli, Cristina Mela, Alessandra Melis, Valeria Montano, Giorgio Paoli, Emanuele Sanna, Fabrizio Rufo, Marco Sazzini, Luca Taglioli, Sergio Tofanelli, Antonella Useli, Giuseppe Vona & Davide Pettener

179-188 [full text]

Correspondence & Notes

Kenyan crossroads: migration and gene fl ow in six ethnic groups from Eastern Africa

Loredana Castrì, Paolo Garagnani, Antonella Useli, Davide Pettener & Donata Luiselli

189-192 [full text]

Do it yourself

Virtual biomechanics: basic concepts and technical aspects of finite element analysis in vertebrate morphology

Kornelius Kupczik

193-198 [full text]

JASs Forum

Sharing databases in the age of the digital anthropology


Emiliano Bruner

199 [full text]

Human fossils and paleoanthropologists: a complex relation

Bertrand Mafart

201-204 [full text]

Benefits and Risks in Virtual Anthropology

Ottmar Kullmer

205-207 [full text]

Anthropology from the desk? The challenges of the emerging era of data sharing

Sarah Elton & Andrea Cardini

209-212 [full text]