Volume 85 (2007)

Cover Story

The genetic history of Italy: a male perspective

Cristian Capelli

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… news, good news

Giovanni Destro-Bisol

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Invited Reviews

The taxonomic diversity of Colobinae of Africa

Colin Groves

7-34 [full text]

The imitation faculty in monkeys: evaluating its features, distribution and evolution

Francys Subiaul

35-62 [full text]

Play at work: revisiting data focusing on chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

Elisabetta Palagi

63-81 [full text]

Distinctively human: cerebral lateralisation and language in Homo sapiens

Steven A. Chance & Timothy J. Crow

83-100 [full text]

Biometry and anthropometry: from Galton to medical constitutionalism

Angelo Albrizio

101-123 [full text]


Extracting functional, phylogenetic and structural data from the subcortical brain: an exploratory geometric morphometric survey

Emiliano Bruner & Nathan Jeffery

125-138 [full text]

Neanderthals, Homo sapiens and the question of species in Paleoanthropology

Ian Tattersal

139-146 [full text]

Resource availability and stature decrease in Upper Palaeolithic Europe

Vincenzo Formicola & Brigitte M. Holt

147-155 [full text]

The role of historical research in the study of the primatological collections: case-studies from the Museum of Anthropology “G. Sergi”, Rome

Spartaco Gippoliti & Emiliano Bruner

157-162 [full text]

An outline of the history of pellagra in Italy

Renato Mariani-Costantini & Aldo Mariani-Costantini

163-171 [full text]

Concordance between blood and hair lead levels in boys and girls of Sardinia (Italy)

Emanuele Sanna, Luciano Vargiu, Ivo Rossetti, Elisabetta Vallascas & Giovanni Floris

173-181 [full text]

Subsistence hunting and exploitation of mammals in the Haut-Ogooué province, south-eastern Gabon

Giuseppe M. Carpaneto, Alessandro Fusari & Hilaire Okongo

183-193 [full text]

Antrocom, an opportunity for Anthropology

Lucia Galasso & Moreno Tiziani

195-203 [full text]

The genome and public choices: new questions for Anthropology

Fabrizio Rufo

205-211 [full text]

Do it yourself

How to equip a basic histological lab for the anthropological assessment of human bone and teeth

Robert Paine

213-219 [full text]

JASs Forum

Ethics and Altruism in the human evolutionary history


Fabrizio Rufo, Giovanni Destro-Bisol & Bernardino Fantini

221-239 [full text]

Anthropological roots and ethics

Fiorenzo Facchini

223-225 [full text]

Nature and ethics after Darwin

Orlando Franceschelli

227 [full text]

Altruism in humans: an evolutionary approach

Bonaventura Maiolo

229-231 [full text]

Brain, ethics and altruism

Alberto Oliverio

233-234 [full text]

Grooming, coalitions, and reciprocal altruism in primates

Gabriele Schino

235-236 [full text]

Altruism in human and non-human animals

Augusto Vitale & Enrico Alleva

237-239 [full text]

Guide to authors

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