Volume 84 (2006)

Cover Story

Primate conservation and taxonomy

5 [full text]

Invited Reviews

From darkness to daylight: cathemeral activity in primates

Giuseppe Donati & Silvana Borgognini Tarli

7-32 [full text]

Bone Paleohistology and Human Evolution

Cayetana Martínez-Maza, Antonio Rosas & Samuel García-Vargas

33-52 [full text] [supplementary material]

The study of bacterial DNA in human mummie

Franco Rollo, Luca Ermini, Stefania Luciani, Isolina Marota & Cristina Olivieri

53-64 [full text]

Advances in ancient DNA studies

David Caramelli & Giampietro Lago

65-83 [full text]

The golden age of human genetics in Italy

Mauro Capocci

85-95 [full text]

Soft-tissue facial anthropometry in three dimensions: from anatomical landmarks to digital morphology in research, clinics and forensic anthropology

Chiarella Sforza & Virgilio F. Ferrario

97-124 [full text]


The paleopathology of pellagra: investigating the impact of prehistoric and historical dietary transitions to maize

Robert Paine & Barrett Brenton

125-135 [full text]

Radiocarbon dating of the early Mesolithic Colbricon site

Stefano Grimaldi

137-145 [full text]

From Verheyen to Bookstein: history of colobids and superimpositions

Emiliano Bruner

147-160 [full text]

Correspondence & Notes

The Western Pygmies from the Central African Republic: new data on autosomal loci

Giovanni Destro-Bisol, Cinzia Battaggia, Valentina Coia, Chiara Batini & Gabriella Spedini

161-164 [full text]

JASs Forum

Anthropology and Reductionism

The future of Anthropology in the era of scientific reductionism

Andrea Drusini

165-169 [full text]

Reflections about DNA studies, reductionism and the role of Anthropology

Bernardino Fantini

170-175 [full text]

The interdisciplinary character of Anthropological Sciences

Claudio Ricciardi

176-178 [full text]