Volume 83 (2005)

Cover Story

The power of the few

5-6 [full text]


Stepping ahead

Giovanni Destro-Bisol

7 [full text]

Invited Reviews

Microbes coevolving with human host and ancient human migrations

Angelo Pavesi

9-28 [full text]

Past, present and future itineraries in Maya bioarchaeology

Andrea Cucina & Vera Tiesler

29-42 [full text]

Towards thirty years of ethological research on the Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) colony of the of Rome Zoo: a review

Bonaventura Majolo, Gabriele Schino & Alfonso Troisi

43-60 [full text]

Key issues in the study of primate acoustic signals

Marco Gamba & Cristina Giacoma

61-88 [full text]


The targeted monkey: a re-evaluation of predation on New World Primates

Bernardo Urbani

89-110 [full text]

Alouatta, Ateles, and the ancient Mesoamerican culture

Emiliano Bruner & Andrea Cucina

111-118 [full text]

Malnutrition and distribution of food resources

Carlo Cannella & Giovanni Costa

119-126 [full text]

JASs Forum

Anthropology and Reductionism


Giovanni Destro-Bisol

127 [full text]

A comment on "What it means to be 98% chimpanzee"

Andrea Drusini

129-132 [full text]

Radical Reductionism

Ernesto Di Mauro

133-135 [full text]

Anthropologists: specialists of the general or marginal researchers?

Emanuele Sanna

137-138 [full text]

Measuring bones and sequencing DNA: not that far as thought

Cristian Capelli

139-140 [full text]

The detail's horizon

Enzo Tramontano

141-143 [full text]

A Comment on the forum

Jonathan Marks

145-146 [full text]