Volume 82 (2004)

Cover Story

African Pygmies, a more complicated tale

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New Ideas for an Old Journal

Giovanni Destro-Bisol

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Shape Meets Function: Structural Models in Primatology

Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Primatological Society (Torino, Italy, 22-28 August 2004), Morphology and Morphometrics

7-10 [full text]

Models for natural history

Emiliano Bruner

11-18 [full text]

Patterns of sexual dimorphism in the gorilla and orangutan craniofacial complex

Samantha Hens

19-28 [full text]

Geometric morphometric analysis of functional divergence in mangabey facial form

Michelle Singleton

29-46 [full text]

A geometric morphometric approach to airorhynchy and functional cranial morphology in Alouatta (Atelidae, Primates)

Emiliano Bruner, Simone Mantini & Giorgio Manzi

47-66 [full text]

The implications of variation in knuckle-walking features for models of African hominoid locomotor evolution

Sandra.E. Inouye & Brian T. Shea

67-88 [full text]

Cross-sectional geometry of the limb bones of the Hominoidea by biplanar radiography and moulding techniques

Damiano Marchi & Silvana Borgognini-Tarli

89-102 [full text]

Locomotor adaptations of Plesiadapis tricuspidens and Plesiadapis n. sp. (Mammalia, Plesiadapiformes) as reflected on selected parts of the postcranium

Dionisios Youlatos & Marc Godinot

103-118 [full text]

Locomotor performance, morphology and environment: an integrative approach to primate locomotion

Karin Isler

119-128 [full text]