Volume 101 (2023)

Invited Reviews

Seasonal resource categorisation and behavioral adaptation among chimpanzees: Implications for early hominin carnivory

James Clark & Gonzalo Linares-Matás

1-35  [full text]  

doi 10.4436/JASS.10006

Research articles

Middle and Upper Paleolithic occupations of Fumane Cave (Italy): a geoarchaeological investigation of the anthropogenic features 

Diana Marcazzan,  Christopher E. Miller, Bertrand Ligouis, Rossella Duches, Nicholas J. Conard & Marco Peresani

37-62  [full text]  [supplementary material

doi 10.4436/JASS.10002

Early North African Acheulean techno-economic systems at Thomas Quarry I - L1 (Casablanca, Morocco)

Rosalia Gallotti, Jean-Paul Raynal, Abderrahim Mohib, Paul Fernandes, Lionel Magoga, Mohssine El Graoui, Mathieu Rué, Giovanni Muttoni & David Lefèvre 

63-121  [full text]  [supplementary material

doi 10.4436/JASS.10015

Mousterian human fossils from El Castillo cave (Puente Viesgo, Cantabria, Spain)

María Dolores Garralda, Adeline Le Cabec, José-Manuel Maíllo-Fernández, Bruno Maureille, Philipp Gunz, Ana Neira, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Federico Bernaldo de Quirós

123-142  [full text]  [supplementary material

doi 10.4436/JASS.10021

Evaluation of age, sex, and ancestry-related variation in cortical bone and dentine volumes in modern humans, and a preliminary assessment of cortical bone-dentine covariation in later Homo

Mathilde Augoyard, Clément Zanolli, Frédéric Santos, Anna C. Oettlé, Ericka N. L’Abbé, Mona Le Luyer, Marine Cazenave, Thomas Colard, Jakobus Hoffman, Antonio Profico & Priscilla Bayle

143-169  [full text]  [supplementary material

doi 10.4436/JASS.10019

Historical corner

History of the name Pygmy and its importance for the Pygmies themselves

Fernando V. Ramirez Rozzi

171-183  [full text

doi 10.4436/JASS.10020

Opinion paper

What are Jews: interrogating genetic studies and the reification of race

Noa Sophie Kohler

185-199  [full text]  

doi 10.4436/JASS.10001

Correspondence & Notes

Alighieri’s Paradiso, archeoprimatology, and the ‘blue’ monkeys of Thera and Crete: a comment on Masseti (2021) 

Bernardo Urbani, Dionisios Youlatos & Julia Binnberg 

201-205  [full text

doi 10.4436/JASS.10003

Replying to Urbani, Youlatos & Binnberg  

Marco Masseti

207-210   [full text]

doi 10.4436/JASS.10004

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